Restaurant 10 In South Fulton


Restaurant 10 is highly focused and dedicated to the growth and development of our community. Especially in the realm of youth sports. The game of softball is a game of honor. Rules are set out and well known before the game is even scheduled. Ground rules are established before the first pitch is thrown. . Your opponent is playing to win the game just as you are. The players are honorable. The coaches are honorable. The game is to be honored. The other team is necessary so you can play the game. Our team and organization always try to honor the game. We understand that character development starts at a very young age. So as a brand we strive to aid coaches and parents alike in building character in our kids. Because we truly believe it takes a village to raise our children to be outstanding citizens. They signify the beginning of our future and the hope of building bridges in the foundation where we as people are separated. We hope to teach these wonderful children not to argue with umpires. Or to make fun of the other team or coaches. Because the other team is necessary to play the game. As a new establishment and addition to Castle Berry Hills community. We're dedicated to aiding the community towards positive growth and childhood development. 

How to find us  

Restaurant 10 is conveniently located right across the street from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta  10 Northside Dr, NW Atlanta Ga 30314.



Restaurant 10 offers free valet service for guest visiting our establishment

Community Ties

Being connected with the community by being able to put a smile on the faces of such wonderful children, is a feeling of goodwill that gets people excited and connected inside the community. The most fulfilling thing for Restaurant 10 as a brand is the enjoyment of connecting people together. So it was truly a pleasure to present these young Athletes with cold Gatorade and fresh snacks during the championship game. 



The most fulfilling thing for Restaurant 10 as a brand is the enjoyment of connecting people together.