Why You Need to Visit Restaurant 10 in Atlanta

Restaurant 10 was first introduced to the public, this was certainly not the only restaurant in Atlanta with a Southern theme. However, there are few eateries with such an exclusive location and even less with a genuine focus on creating an authentic experience as opposed to just another southern styled restaurant in the city. Featuring a variety of home-style cuisine and a stunning contemporary interior, Restaurant 10 may have opened just recently but make no mistake, this BBQ restaurant is fast becoming the most talked about eatery in town.

Soul Food and Southern Hospitality 

You may be familiar with the hype around soul food and the popularity of southern cuisine in Atlanta. When it comes to a grilled chicken Caesar salad, fried shrimp or sliced brisket in a burger, soul food retains the very traditional nature of both Native-American and African-American cooking. 

That being said, many restaurants seem to be a little quick on the draw with soul food and more concerned with "getting people fed" rather than providing a genuine food experience. On the other hand, Restaurant 10 is the kind of place where quality speaks for itself and time passes without any notice. That is to say, this is not your run-of-the-mill restaurant and instead, Restaurant 10 is an upscale eatery where the food is just as refined as the surroundings. 

From sandwiches and sliders to sublime salads and succulent burgers, there is no end of options on the menu while the outcome is often the same. In fact, although Restaurant 10 opened just a short while ago, customers are coming back time and time again to sample the ribs, cheesesteak, roasted corn, fish, home fries and more on the extensive menu.

Inside Restaurant 10

In case you might be asking yourself, the number ten is the highest score in an Olympic even. In football, ten yards is the required distance for a first down while the top rim of a basketball hoop is always ten feet above the ground. Indeed, you may have guessed that Restaurant 10 is firmly aware of the surrounding area and committed to providing a performance which is no less than the highest expectations that accompany the above-mentioned sports.

For the same reasons, you will find nothing tacky or cheap about the interior and Restaurant 10 is certainly one of the more chic places to eat in Atlanta. Featuring modern furnishings and a very contemporary design, the dining areas are just as suitable for couples as group gatherings. In a similar sense, the atmosphere is always infused with that same sense of Southern hospitality and this is often the finishing touch on a remarkable experience. That being said, there is also "icing on the cake", for banana pudding, ice cream, and chocolate cake offer a perfect end to lunch or an evening meal.

Location, Pride, and Hospitality

As already mentioned, Restaurant 10 is located just across the street from the Mercedes Benz Stadium. For this reason, both Atlanta United and Atlanta Falcons fans have taken a distinct interest in the venue but in truth, even sport feels irrelevant when the food experience is this good. At the same time, this is not to say the game is not important, for our staff takes pride in supporting the local teams just as much as anyone else.

With this in mind, this is also where Restaurant 10 seeks to elevate the experience and the friendly staff goes to great lengths to ensure a home-style welcome to the home-cooked food. After all, what is authentic soul food without Southern hospitality?

Soul Food for Every Occasion

Atlanta is the birthplace of the civil rights movement and home to the busiest airport in the world along with more sports teams than most other states. When you think of music, John Mayer, Ludacris and Usher come to mind and in terms of the locals, you should find a diversity that cannot really be defined or characterized in any way. However, when it comes to food, there is no mistaking that BBQ and authentic Southern cuisine is precisely what the collective want in Atlanta. 

For this reason, whether a game is taking place at the Mercedes Benz Stadium or not, Restaurant 10 is the one eatery you absolutely must try in Atlanta. Sure, you will find southern cuisine and friendly hospitality elsewhere, but never has the city witnessed an upscale environment which serves the kind of food you would only expect to find on the dinner table courtesy of your mother.